Chamal's Inspiring Journey

Chamal's Inspiring Journey

Jenny Wall / 5 min Read

This Christmas, every time you buy a gift for a loved one you are also giving back to the children we support in 6 countries – children like Chamal Akalanka, whose life took a remarkable turn thanks to the unwavering support of our friends at the Freedom for Children project in Sri Lanka.

A Humble Beginning


Chamal's journey of self-discovery began when he enrolled at our school in Sri Lanka at just 4 years old. His family faced financial struggles and could barely meet their basic needs, but thanks to your generosity Chamal received an education in a nurturing environment fuelled by love and support.

Rising Against Odds


Chamal is now 14 and has proved the value of education and guidance in breaking the cycle of poverty and gaining access to better opportunities. He surpassed thousands of applicants across the island to secure a coveted spot in the Sri Lanka National Army Cadet training program, where he has risen to the rank of Junior Sergeant in command of a platoon.

Chamal is also computer literate, a talented artist and loves sports, and the impact of his education and training reaches way beyond his own success. He has been selected for a 10-day special training camp which means he is able to pass on his skills and life lessons to other cadets.

Best of all, Chamal’s achievements and talents make him a source of inspiration for the other children at his school. He recently returned and was given the prestigious title of School Prefect, a true reflection of his unwavering determination and character, and a wonderful illustration of how lives can be changed a lot with just a little help from you.

Shop For Presents With Purpose This Christmas


As you embark on your Christmas shopping this year, choose Gandys and know that every time you gift, you’re giving back too.
Thank you for helping us to make this festive season about a lot more than presents. It’s also about purposeful impact, positive change and giving children around the world a brighter future.

You're helping us educate children worldwide with this purchase
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