Buy Presents with Purpose This Christmas

Buy Presents with Purpose This Christmas

Jenny Wall / 3 min Read

Giving Even More This Christmas

Whatever Christmas means across the world, Gandys is giving local celebrations a boost this festive season by sending extra funds to our friends working, living and learning in the projects we supportin Brazil, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Malawi and Nepal.


When you buy a Gandys gift for your loved ones you are also giving back to our projects. Thank you for helping us to elevate local festive traditions to levels worthy of such a special time of year.

Gandys has donated to each of our campuses this festive season to ensure they can celebrate Christmas time with the supplies they need. Whether it’s goat curry feasts or warm yak socks, Presents with Purpose translates your generosity into memorable festive celebrations for the children we support.

Head to our Instagram to see what Presents with Purpose means to the children and their communities.


Looking Forward to 2024

Providing ongoing funding projects in six countries is no small feat, but with your ongoing orders and donations we have ambitious plans to expand our impact even further in 2024.

By next Christmas we aim to be doing even more to give break the cycle of poverty, give children an education and help them to enjoy life wherever they are!


You're helping us educate children worldwide with this purchase
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