Presents With Purpose in Mongolia

Presents With Purpose in Mongolia

Jenny Wall / 5 min Read

Turning your contributions into warmth and education


In the poverty-stricken Ulaanchuluut landfills area of Mongolia, families are forced to scavenge for rubbish to support their families and endure harsh winter weather with temperatures as low as -50°C.

Thanks to your support we have partnered with the Veloo Foundation to fund a community library and computer lab that gives disadvantaged children an escape from this unimaginable poverty.

Opened in 2021, the library not only helps the children with their education. It is also a safe, warm shelter for children and families who lack the means to afford warm clothes, blankets, heating or even food.

This is a brilliant example of how your contributions are making a lasting difference to entire communities and providing tools for ongoing self-improvement.

Thank you for making a difference in Mongolia, and also in our other projects across the world - in Brazil, Malawi, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

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