Must-Have Glamping Essentials

Must-Have Glamping Essentials

Dominic Waring / 5 min Read

Unsure what to pack for your glamping trip? Keep reading for the ultimate guide by Gandys and Host Unusual

How to Pack For Your Glorious Glamping Trip

An upgrade from pitching your tent in a muddy field (though that can be pretty great, too!) glamping also involves bedding down in the Great Outdoors.  

So, what’s the difference?  Glamping means you’ll be relaxing in a retreat that’s already constructed, prepared, and furnished for your arrival, such as a bell tent, a yurt, or safari lodge.  
Some glamping accommodation, like wooden pods and cabins, have been custom-designed or hand-built by their owners, while others are creatively-restored historic properties.
Who’s for a sunset soak in a hot tub?

Glamping is also about luxury facilities, the like of which you wouldn’t usually associate with a traditional camping trip.  
For example, you might have a private bathroom, a ‘proper’ bed with pillows and a duvet, and a kitchen that comes with a fridge for your bottle of wine.  Who knows… there could even be a private hot tub all ready and waiting for you, too!
But the other key difference between camping and glamping is that generally, when you pack for a camping trip you know what you’ll have to include.  In most cases, it’ll be everything but the kitchen sink.
When you’re going glamping it’s a little more difficult to know what you’ll need, as facilities and services vary from site to site.  So, as intrepid glampers ourselves, here are some essential tips on how to pack for that glorious glamping trip.
Check the facilities in advance
If you’re not sure whether luggage-hogging things like sheets, towels, and cooking equipment are provided, check online or call the glamping site to ask.  
Bear in mind that while this is a glamping trip, relaxing in nature is still the number-one priority, which means some sites are purposefully off-grid.  Translation: don’t pack your hairdryer and laptop unless you’re certain you’ll have electricity and Wi-Fi!
We understand the importance of advance-planning, which is why each Host Unusual listing features a separate Facilities section, so you can see exactly what’s included, and what you’ll have to bring.
Pack those ‘just in case’ essentials… and don’t forget the all-weather clothing!
Even if the site provides torches, flip-flops, and bottled water, keeping your own handy could save the day if you arrive to find they’re lost or broken. Our flip flops are available in two different colourways, and £1 from every sale helps educate children around the world.

Most glamping accommodation will be insulated or heated (or both), but don’t underestimate how cold and wet those al fresco conditions might get, even in summer.  Boots, waterproofs, and a fleecy top should see you right, whatever the weather.
(Don’t forget to take a few changes of clothes, too – especially socks!)
Let you entertain you

Many glamping-site owners thoughtfully provide a selection of books and games (if so, you’ll find them mentioned in our listing’s facilities) – and in some you might even have a TV.  
Yet packing a few spare-time favourites, like that book you keep saying you’ll read, or a sketch book and pencils to capture the view, might just be your saving grace on a rainy day.
Get ready for long days out in the country!
As luxurious as your accommodation may be, you didn’t choose a glamping trip to stay inside all holiday long, did you?
So make sure you’re prepared for long rambles or bike-rides by packing a small first-aid kit, an area map (just in case your phone loses reception), a few snacks… and of course, a sturdy backpack to put it all in!
You’ll find plenty of glamping-ready bags and backpacks right here at Gandy’s – and if you need some glamp-spiration, why not browse the dedicated glamping category at Host Unusual?  It’s packed with spectacularly unique UK and worldwide retreats to suit couples, groups, and families (some with pets included!)

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