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Inspired by the the loss of their parents in the 2004 Tsunami – Rob & Paul founded Gandys from their bedroom in London together with their charitable foundation; 'The Gandys Foundation'. Struck by the inequality they have seen around the world, Rob and Paul established the Gandys Foundation to provide education, medication and nutrition to those who need it most.

Unique Upbringing

In 2001, Rob and Paul's parents removed their children from school. They sold everything they had in order to allow their family to explore, learn and volunteer around the world. This also allowed the brothers to see first hand the inequality other children their age endured, and inspired their desire to improve their circumstances in founding Gandys.

Sri Lanka

In 2014, we opened our first campus in Sri Lanka in memory of our parents, ten years after the tsunami. The campus provides food, education and medical care on children aged four to eighteen.


Our second campus in Malawi was opened in 2017. As well as offering education and a safe haven for our students, we also offer vocational skills, with some lessons taught by a local carpenter.


In 2019, we opened our third Kids Campus in Nepal, in an area badly affected by the 2015 earthquake. Here we support children who, from as young as nine years old, are victims of trafficking for slave labour. We offer the residents a safe place to stay, education, therapy and practical skills that they can use to build successful futures.


In 2020, we opened our fourth kids campus in Brazil. Because of Covid-19, we've been unable to visit yet, but we've ensured our children and hundreds of families in the surrounding favelas have been provided with clean water, food packages and other essentials such as masks.


We are now working on our 5th Kids Campus in Mongolia. The goal of our project is to stop children scavenging on the garbage dumps in Ulaanbaatar for survival. We want to break this cycle of poverty through education, providing our kids with the skills to build a better future for themselves and their families.

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