Dyslexia - It never stopped us, why should it stop you!

Life is about far more than academic achievement. Getting good grades does not determine the outcome of your life. We should know. We both have dyslexia and came away from school with 1 GCSE between us, but we’ve never let that get in the way of our dreams. Gandys started with a small idea, to build Kids campuses all over the world in memory of our parents, and with a lot of hard work and persistence, we’ve seen that dream become a reality, and are currently building our fifth home in Mongolia this year! And we’re not the only ones; some of the most successful people were told they wouldn’t achieve anything. Richard Branson was written off by his teachers as lazy and dumb and ended up dropping out of school at 16, yet he has gone on to achieve incredible success. Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, and Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad have similarly created hugely successful businesses despite their dyslexia, and, in the case of Jobs and Spielberg, being school dropouts. Ultimately their success has come from having an idea and the confidence to follow it through. It just goes to show that exam results don’t count for everything.

Gandys Brothers reading Tsunami Kids book

If academia isn’t your thing, then try to concentrate on your other talents. Maybe you’re the person friends turn to for new music recommendations? Or perhaps you have a great eye for style and can predict the latest trends? Or do you feel more at home with a camera in your hand? Whatever it might be, focus on the things you’re good at and see where those skills can take you. The business world is changing, with more and more emphasis being placed on individuality and originality. In the creative industries, in particular, GCSEs, A-Levels, and university degrees come second when compared with creative talent.

Gandys is evidence of this. Our team is made up of a broad spectrum of people, many of whom have dyslexia. It’s why you might find some spelling mistakes on our website - proofreading is not our strong point! Yes, we have people who are whizzes with numbers, but the majority of our team are creatively minded. We have fashion designers, videographers, and graphic designers, and what unites them all is their drive and passion for Gandys. They Don’t Just Exist. It’s the same perseverance and positivity which allowed Branson, Jobs, Spielberg, Kamprad, and countless others to achieve success in their respective fields. At the end of the day, it’s not about being the best at grammar, but having the right attitude which allows you to succeed in life.

Gandys Team group photo in cold weather

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