Heartbreak in Ghana: Future Stars School Devastated by Storm

Heartbreak in Ghana: Future Stars School Devastated by Storm

Jenny Wall / 3 min Read

It is with heavy hearts that we bring you some distressing news from Ghana. The Future Stars school, a beacon of hope and education for many children in the community, was devastated by a powerful storm on Monday 6th May.

The damaging force of nature spared nothing in its path. The school's roof was torn away, and the classroom walls left in ruins. However, amidst the wreckage, there is a silver lining - the swift action of the local community ensured the safety of all before disaster struck.

So we turned to our wonderful customers for support, as we needed £5,000 to help rebuild the Future Stars School and welcome the children back to their place of education. In just one week, we have managed to raise £790 and after two, we were up to £4521! If you wish to extend your support, we've set up a special JustGiving page where every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a world of difference.

This month, in solidarity with our cause, we pledge to donate 10% of every order to aid in the reconstruction efforts. Rest assured, we are already hard at work determining the best course of action to resume classes and restore normalcy for the children. We will keep you updated on our progress, showing you just how much your generosity is shaping the future of the Future Stars school.


About The Future Stars School


Situated within a refugee camp, Future Stars Ghana serves as a sanctuary for those who fled the horrors of civil war in Liberia. Many of the students are orphaned, their lives overshadowed by living in extreme poverty and deprivation.

At Gandys, we've always believed in the power of education to transform lives. Your contributions not only support education but also provide crucial feeding programs, ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry.  


So let’s rebuild, reimagine, and reignite the education for the Future Stars of Ghana. Join us in our mission to turn tragedy into triumph, rebuilding the Future Stars school stronger than ever before.


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