Top Tips for Responsible Travel

Top Tips for Responsible Travel

Jenny Wall / 5 min Read

Where will your next adventure take you?

At Gandys, we're passionate about exploring the world and leaving a positive impact wherever our journey takes us. And that's why we want to share some fantastic tips on how to travel sustainably while making unforgettable memories.

Great Barrier Reef, South East Asia, South America


Europe is a treasure trove of sustainable travel opportunities. Did you know that several European cities boast extensive bike-sharing programs? Amsterdam, for instance, has more bikes than cars! To cut carbon emissions, France has banned short-range domestic flights across some routes where the same journeys can be made by train. Plus, many European countries have efficient public transportation systems, making it easy to explore without leaving a massive carbon footprint.




Down under in Australia, eco-friendly initiatives abound. The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is dedicated to preserving its marine wonderland. You can take eco-conscious snorkelling and diving tours that support reef conservation efforts. And let's not forget the stunning landscapes of Australia's national parks, where sustainable camping options are readily available.


The Greenwich Tote Bag. Made from 100% recycled nylon

South East Asia


Southeast Asia offers a rich tapestry of culture, landscapes, and sustainable travel options. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia have eco-resorts that prioritise environmental conservation. In addition to this, don't miss out on ethical wildlife encounters like visiting elephant sanctuaries where these majestic creatures are protected and cared for.

South America

South America, with its breathtaking natural beauty, provides countless opportunities for sustainable adventures. The Amazon Rainforest, one of the world's most vital ecosystems, is best explored with eco-conscious tour operators that prioritize conservation. Additionally, countries like Chile are leading the way in sustainable winemaking, offering eco-friendly wine tours that delight the palate.

Our Global Campuses

Sustainable practices are hugely important at our global campuses, as some of our locations are being hit hard with the impact of global warming.. Consider Sam's Village in Malawi, where our preschool is located. Here, together with our partner, African Vision Malawi, we pour our hearts into eco-conscious initiatives, crafting every village structure using renewable, earth-friendly materials. It's not just about buildings; Sam's Village is a hub of enlightenment for sustainable living, where we share wisdom on eco-conscious farming, clothing production, and more.

Similarly, as our Guatemala campus approaches its completion, it embodies our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Constructed using eco-friendly practices and materials, this campus is envisioned as a lasting symbol of support and empowerment for the local community—a beacon of hope, echoing Gandys' enduring dedication to a greener, brighter future.

Photographs from our Malawi Campus

Additional tips and suggestions:

1. Pack Light, Pack Right!
No matter where your travels take you, always pack with sustainability in mind. Opt for eco-friendly travel essentials like our new Urban Explorer range, made from 100% recycled nylon. Plus, they'll carry all your eco-conscious travel gear in style.

2. Mindful Dining and Shopping
Support local businesses and savour the flavours of your destination by dining at local eateries and shopping for handmade crafts. When you support local, you contribute to the community's economy while experiencing authentic culture. Ditch using single use plastic cutlery and try our travel-friendly bamboo cutlery set.

3. Offset Your Carbon Footprint
In an ideal world, you should not use air travel to explorer the world, however we acknowledge that this isn't always possible. So if you have to fly, consider carbon offset programs when you book flights or activities. Many airlines and organisations now offer options to help you neutralize your carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy or reforestation projects.

4. Respect Local Cultures and Environments
Lastly, always respect the places you visit. Learn about the local culture, customs, and wildlife. Leave no trace and strive to leave each destination better than you found it.

Sustainable travel isn't just about seeing the world; it's about leaving it better for generations to come.  


Photograph from our Malawi Campus
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