Gandys' 9th Project in Ghana

Gandys' 9th Project in Ghana

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In line with Gandys mission to bring education to underprivileged communities around the world, we are thrilled to announce our 9th major charity project, in partnership with Future Stars School in Ghana’s Buduburam community. 

Built in 1990 to accommodate up to 5,000 Liberian refugees, mainly women and children, the Buduburam community now shelters over 52,000 people who face terrible challenges, including:

-Extreme poverty and a lack of financial support, often made worse by corruption.

-Overcrowded public schooling, with one free government school having to deal with a ratio of 120 students to every teacher, leading to high dropout rates. There are other privately ran schools, but 3 out of 5 families cannot afford to send their children there.

-Lack of learning materials due to low supply and a lack of ability to pay for them.

Shadrak's Vision

In 2010, Shadrak Domkor witnessed the struggles faced by the Buduburam community, where children were facing chronic hunger and education was a distant dream.

In response, he established Future Stars School, starting with just 15 children under a makeshift outdoor classroom, affectionately  called 'The School Under The Tree.’

Shadrak's dedication was unwavering as he overcame tough challenges and travelled every day from a nearby village to teach the students for free. His vision for Future Stars School was clear in the name - these children would be the stars of the future.


Inspiring change together


By 2012, Future Stars School had 65 students. Today it has over 150 students aged from 3-15. Shadrak now rents an apartment block and uses the rooms as classrooms. He provides free education, lunch, and materials to his students.

Hungry children find it very difficult to learn. To solve this problem a feeding program began in 2013, but now Gandys has added our support to make sure that every one of the 150 children get a healthy breakfast of rice porridge, bread, and oatmeal.

At Gandys, we believe that education gives every child the power to shine. By supporting initiatives like Future Stars School, we're taking a step towards a brighter, more hopeful future for the kids at the school and for the wider Buduburam community and beyond.

Thank you for helping Gandys to support amazing people like Shadrak, who are changing the lives of children who would otherwise be forgotten.

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