The Gandys Royal Tour

Like most kids, we were fascinated by motorbikes growing up. We have many fond memories of jumping on the back of motorbikes and driving around India with our parents, and all the new people we met along the way. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Royal Enfield - the world's leading motorbike company - it was an offer we couldn’t refuse!

We wanted to create the adventure of a lifetime, and with Nepal playing a huge part in both Gandys & Royal Enfield’s’ brand stories, there was no other destination we would consider. We collaborated with Royal Enfield to create a four-day motorcycle trip, where we could really explore the country, immersing ourselves in the stunning landscapes and culture. It also gave us the opportunity to visit our new kids’ campus, built to mark the 15-year anniversary since the Boxing Day Tsunami where we tragically lost our parents.

We arrived at the Royal Enfield Flagship store to collect our bikes for the trip. We were greeted by the store manager who showed us around and taught us more about the history of Royal Enfield. Enfield began its journey in 1901 in Worcester and they now hold the world record as the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production.

Jumping on our bikes we couldn't wait to explore Nepal. It was an exhilarating experience, and the scenery was breath-taking. Our favourite moment was driving up to the top of the highest hill in Nagarkot and taking in the sight of the breath taking Himalayan mountain range.

We then made our way into the centre of Nepal to visit our kids’ campus, two hours away from the city centre. On arrival we were met by smiling faces and the warmest welcome. Bhaskar, the general manager at the campus showed us around and discussed how the kids were doing. It was amazing to see how our contribution has helped so many kids who have had a bad start to life. The project includes a number of rebuilds, including a classroom knocked down in the earthquake and a refugee camp where girls can learn essential skills. 

The children are provided with classes in Maths and English, arts and crafts and therapy, all designed to improve career prospects and offer a solid head start for the children.

It was a trip of a lifetime and we wanted to thank Royal Enfield for joining on this amazing expedition; these memories will last forever.

The highlight of our trip, however...

We visited an exhibition that the kids held at the end of our trip. It was amazing to see the kids, they were so proud of themselves. They felt amazed that people were taking pictures of their paintings and congratulating them on what they had done. What they painted really hit home. The majority decided to paint a house, trying to capture the dream of a normal life, something that we take for granted everyday.


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