Founders Footsteps - Our Malawi Campus

Founders Footsteps - Our Malawi Campus

Dominic Waring / 5 min Read

Follow Pauls footsteps through Malawi

Our Malawi Campus was opened in 2017, in collaboration with African Vision Malawi, the incredible charity whose projects provide an entire community with education to help them break the cycle of poverty. 

Thanks to the money we raised over the years, we were able to fund the build of an entire pre-school, so one of our Founders, Paul, is currently visiting to see how they are getting on. Keep reading to find out what he got up to.

My flight left London Heathrow and after a stop in Ethiopia, I landed in Kamuzu International Airport 15 hours later.

We headed straight to Sam’s Village, the training village set up by African Vision that our donations help run. Built on a 17-acre site, the self-sufficient training programmes support thousands of local people, covering everything from organic farming, orphan support and reforestation.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with only 40% of primary-aged children attending school…which drops to 25% when they reach secondary school. So our support and the support from African Vision Malawi is absolutely essential to helping the break the poverty cycle. 

I was greeted with a warm welcome and taken to see the land that our donations fund, which is now used to grow nutritious red maize that feeds the whole community. 

Organic farming techniques are a key part of the community and our land provides maize, tomatoes and potatoes. As it's currently harvest time, it was all hands on deck to ensure the crops are gathered and correctly stored. 

This is practice is crucial the first 3 months of the year is known as ‘hunger season’ in Malawi, where 2.8 million people face hunger due to ‘food insecurity’, which leads to children dropping out of school in order to search for food. Whilst we will never be able to completely eradicate poverty, programmes like ours and African Vision Malawi help to combat this problem long-term, especially as we provide meals to the children and teachers who attend our preschool.

After a long day, it was time to head to my accommodation and get some well-needed rest.

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